Install CSDK

Omnipage Capture Software Development Kit consists of the following components that can be installed to your computer:

  • Omnipage Capture Software Development Kit (main component)

  • Form Template Editor

  • Document Classifier Assistant

These components can be installed together, or separately in any combinations.

For detailed information on installing any of these components, consult the relevant help system.

General notes:

  • The CSDK setup program installs all files to the developer system; no installation options can be selected during the setup procedure.

  • If you do not have the Microsoft .NET 4.7.1 Framework on your computer, it is installed silently during CSDK installation, because it is a prerequisite for several SDK components.

  • You do not have to provide your license key during installation.

  • In some cases, the installer recommends a reboot. This should be accepted.

Note Ensure that OPLicMgr is added to the list of firewall exceptions on the machine if you plan to use online activation.

  1. Ensure you have administrator privileges on the installation computer.
  2. Ensure that all other Windows programs are closed; we recommend that anti-virus software be disabled.
  3. Browse to the downloaded and unzipped setup.exe file and run it.
  4. Select Install to install the CSDK only, or select Customize installation to decide which components you want to install.
  5. Accept the license agreement when prompted, and press Next.
  6. Provide your User Name and your Organization.
  7. Accept or define the destination path and a program folder for the program binaries and icons.
  8. When the installation is complete, click Finish.