VerticalDictionary / Vertical Dictionaries

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The VerticalDictionary object contains the name and the description of the particular vertical dictionary. Vertical dictionaries are alternatively called professional dictionaries. Each vertical dictionary can either be disabled or enabled, if the parent of the containing VerticalDictionaries collection is a Document object.

CSDK supports the following vertical dictionary set:

  • Dutch Legal Professional Dictionary

  • Dutch Medical Professional Dictionary

  • English Financial Professional Dictionary

  • English Legal Professional Dictionary

  • English Medical Professional Dictionary

  • French Legal Professional Dictionary

  • French Medical Professional Dictionary

  • German Legal Professional Dictionary

  • German Medical Professional Dictionary

The VerticalDictionaries collection is a sorted set of the available VerticalDictionary objects. This collection can be accessed through the Engine and Document objects. Through the Engine object, you can only query the available dictionary set and its properties. Through the Document object, you can enable or disable an arbitrary combination of the available vertical dictionaries.