Styles in Essay mode

Styles are supported by the following converters:

  • RTF: converters.text.rtf2000, converters.text.rtf2000Essay

  • DOCX: converters.text.docx, converters.text.docxEssay

  • HTML: converters.text.html50, converters.text.html50Essay

The RTF and DOCX converters produce similar result with styles, and have a full style support. HTML converters create both character and paragraph styles, but the HTML format uses only the paragraph styles.

CSDK creates the paragraph styles from a single document, or from pages having similar styles.

Paragraph style definition uses the following rules:

  • Space before and space after properties are exception from categorization, because these can create too many styles. These properties are coming from formatter and are always unique.
  • Left-align and justified are commonly mixed up by formatter, hence these add a lower penalty at categorization.