Interface properties

For evaluation purposes we recommend working with the RecAPI interface and possibly the supplied test application, ITest. Use the IPRO interface only if you need to access the functionality of the Visual Toolbox. For your development work both interfaces yield the same recognition accuracy. RecAPI is divided into two parts, so your evaluation and development choices are as follows:

RecAPI C/C++ interface (KernelAPI)

Best suited for

  • high throughput single page processing tasks with plain text output

  • applications where processing time needs to be minimized

RecAPI interface (RecAPIPlus)

  • supports document-level and high-volume (possibly unattended) processing

  • supports fully formatted output, one-step workflow-style processing and new features such as redaction and form data extraction

  • leverages multithreading to deliver performance benefits on multi-core and hyper-threaded computers

IPROPlus ActiveX

  • necessary for developers who wish to take advantage of the Visuals Toolbox

  • possibility to create and use OmniPage-compatible workflows

  • supports document-level processing, along with the ability to easily access all objects and properties involved