Paragraph styles

The following paragraph properties are used for consolidation normally:

  • Alignment (left, center, right, justify)

  • First line indent

  • Left indent

  • Right indent

  • Line spacing

  • Drop cap

However, there are paragraph properties that cannot be used for style consolidation in a normal way:

  • Properties used for positioning are ignored:

    • Space before

    • Space after

  • In special cases some of the normal properties are also ignored:

    • Depending on alignment

      If the alignment type is left align, the right indentation property is ignored as it can have arbitrary value, and result in too many styles. For similar reasons, when alignment type is right align, the left indentation property is ignored. The justify alignment is treated the same as the left alignment. The recognition is arbitrating between them, and it would result in too many styles. The more common one is used.

    • Depending on First line indent (FLI)

      When FLI is close to 0, it is likely a continuation of the previous paragraph. This time, the first line indent is set through direct formatting. Creating new paragraph style for this case can result in duplicating the number of styles. When FLI is negative, called hanging indents, and the paragraph has numbering or bullets, then FLI is ignored.

  • The following properties are fully ignored and set through direct formatting, as these can be too individual:

    • Tabs

    • Numbering and bullets