Move license in OPLA, using the command line interface, offline mode

  1. Open a Command Prompt, and go to the location where the OPLA binaries are.

    The help of the OPLA is available by typing opla in the command prompt.

  2. Create a move package with the following command:

    opla move -licenseKeys=<license key1> -output=MovePackage.lcxp

    If you move multiple licenses at the same time, separate the license keys with comma.

    Note From this moment the license no longer available on this machine.
  3. Move the output file to the target computer.
  4. Load the Move package on the target machine with the following command:

    opla Load -input=<MovePackage.lcxp> -output=<ReactivatePackage.lcxp>

  5. Bring it to a computer with access to the Activation Server.
  6. Enter the address of the Activation Server ( in a browser, and select Process license package.
  7. Upload the ReactivatePackage.lcxp file, and click Process License Package.
  8. Save the received file, and bring it to the computer where OPLA is hosted.
  9. Load the license package file with the following command:

    opla load -input=<ReactivatePackage.lcxp>

The license is activated on the target computer