Click File > Options to display the Options dialog box, which provides settings determining the default behavior of the Form Template Editor.

Figure 1. Options dialog box
Options dialog box

The dialog box consists of the following sections:

Name Description
Mouse wheel options

Select how the program should react to the mouse wheel:

  • Mouse wheel zooms image

  • Mouse wheel scrolls image

Image panning options

Select which mouse button to use to pan or drag an image:

  • Enable pan/drag with right button press

  • Enable pan/drag with wheel press

When selection changes in the tree view

Select to define if picture view should follow the tree view selection:

  • Ensure selected zones are visible (zoom image if necessary)

  • Do nothing

Show thumbnails

Select where to use thumbnail image display:

  • In Library

  • For test images

When adding a multi page image

Select which page of a multi-page image to use:

  • Add first page only

  • Add all pages

  • Let me select which pages to add – Select this option to offer the above two options, and the page range option in the Add a template using the context menu dialog box when adding a multi-page image.

Barcode Type detection

Select the option below to offer manual barcode type selection if automation fails:

  • Display warning and allow me to select from the list of possible barcode types if it cannot be determined automatically

Default anchor names

Edit the following default anchor names for the following anchor types:

  • Positional

  • Reference

  • Selector

  • Check

Default fillable field names

Edit the following default field names for the following field types:

  • Text

  • Comb

  • Check box

  • Barcode

Default dropout color field name

Edit the default dropout color field name in the Dropout color text box.