A template is a single-page image of an unfilled form (PDF or other) on which you can define zones for processing. Your form page image and its zones together constitute a single-page template.

The appropriate template for each scanned image is selected automatically during form processing. Template selection happens with the help of selector, positional and reference anchors.

The selected template is matched on the actual image. The image and/or the zones are deskewed, shifted, enlarged or compressed to match one another. This is also called form registration. Template matching happens with the help of positional and reference anchors.

A multi-page template is a container folder for templates. Use this to represent a multi-page form: after you have created the multi-page template, add template pages one by one. Use multi-page templates for processing multi-page forms.

Templates can be adapted to an image to create a new template. In this case the zones of the original template are transformed to create matching zones in the new image.

Zones of a template can be adapted to other templates.