Best practices for design job item

  • If the worker job item does not need input, there is no any special requirement for the design job item.

  • Input parameters in JobXML have to be implemented as properties in the design job item.

    Properties appear automatically in the Property window of the Workflow XML Designer.

  • Design job items have to generate xml from the properties in the override part of the InputXMLContainer method.

  • Override the CacheMetadata method, so that the user gets notification on the missing mandatory parameters.

  • Override the Load method, which sets the properties based on the JobXML.

    The system automatically serializes into the project file of the Workflow XML Designer.

The design job item have to be integrated before the first use, as described in Writing custom job items.

Debug the design job item as follows:

  1. Select Project properties > Debug > Start external program in Visual studio.
  2. Select the Workflow XML Designer.
  3. Start debugging.