Move license in OPLicMgr, online mode

Moving Seat licenses is possible, for example in case of hardware upgrade. Perform the following steps to move Seat license to a computer with internet access:

  1. Prepare all the licenses for moving to with the following command on the source computer:
    OPLicMgr -move OP_Move.lcxp all

    If you want to move some of the licenses only, write their 22 character long license keys in place of all in the previous command.

    OP_Move.lcxp file is created.

  2. Save the file created in the previous step to a removable media and take it to the target computer.
  3. Activate the moved license on the target computer with the following command:
    OPLicMgr -load OP_Move.lcxp

    If the file is copied to a different folder, use the full path of the OP_Move.lcxp file.