Create reference between two or more zones

To create reference between two zones, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Home > Zone tools > Select.
  2. Select both the reference anchor and the fill zone or fill zones.
    • Click the reference anchor, then press Ctrl and click all the fill zones you want to connect.
    • Click all the fill zones you want to connect, then press Ctrl and click the reference anchor.
    • Draw a rectangle around the reference zone and all the fill zones, using the Select tool.

    Note If the selected fill zone is already referenced to a different anchor zone, the Create button does not become active, but only the Left, Top, Right, Bottom and Remove buttons providing an option for redefining the position of the reference or removing it completely.

  3. Click Home > References > Create.
If the reference is successfully created, the zones display connected by an orange arrow. On details on how references appear, see Displaying references.