Sample application

The sample workflow projects is in the bin/bin64 folders of the CSDK installation path. These projects can be opened in Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • IWR sample application

    The IWR sample application contains the following code fragments.

    OCRServiceLib.OCRService OCRService;
    OCRService = new OCRServiceLib.OCRService();
    OCRService.UserCount = number; // Max parallel Workflow execution
    OCRService.Done += OCRService_Done;
    ((OCRServiceLib.IOCRServiceEvents_Event)OCRService).Ping += OCRService_HeartBeat;
    OCRService.Run(xml, ID); // async call to the OCRService
    void OCRService_Done(string _ID, int StartError, Array StartErrors, Array RuntimeErrors, Array RuntimeErrorDescriptions, Array ResponseXMLFiles)
    void OCRService_HeartBeat()
  • WorkflowXMLDesigner API.sln

    For detailes, see API Programming techniques.

  • CustomJobItemCS.csproj

    This sample gets a word array and counts the occurrence of the words in the array within each page.

    You can find this file among the samples in the WorkflowXMLDesigner.

    The CustomJobItemCS job item created from this sample is also present in binary form.