RecAPI modules


This is a page-oriented interface performing OCR. The process includes image loading, pre-processing, page parsing, recognition, and simple output conversion. It can provide plain text (DirectTXT), XML, and searchable PDF output.


This is a wrapper for KernelAPI to provide it with alternate linking, so the application and the CSDK engine can be separated. It provides more robust functioning.


This is a document-oriented extension to KernelAPI that provides a full range of formatted outputs. It includes document-level layout consolidation. It allows efficient multi-page high-volume processing, particularly on multi-core systems. It offers composite one-step functions to perform a succession of tasks from one command.

RecAPIPlus S

This is a wrapper for RecAPIPlus to provide it with alternate linking, so the application and the CSDK engine can be separated.

Object oriented RecAPI model support for .NET users

This is a bridge between native and managed applications. It allows the functionality of KernelAPI and RecAPIPlus to be presented through a unified interface.

The RecAPIPlus part of RecAPI contains a user interface based on a document-oriented approach. You can implement functionality similar to that of OmniPage Ultimate through just a handful of functions. When exporting multi-page documents you can use a series of output converters to provide layout retention quality equal to that in OmniPage Ultimate. Getting high quality page layout retention and document level formatting increases the total processing time.

The KernelAPI part of RecAPI is useful when processing speed is a critical factor and/or there is no need for layout retention. This is the basic API with page-level functions. Therefore, this is very similar to APIs of earlier CSDK versions. We recommend that you use it for applications that do not require total format retention and rich output formats. KernelAPI generates its simple outputs directly from HPAGE. Here you can choose TXT, CSV, two different XML types, or PDF (image on text). Since page formatting is not present here, page-oriented processing on the KernelAPI level gets faster.