How to install Document Classifier Assistant

Ensure that the licensing service is added to the list of firewall exceptions on the machine you plan to use for activation.
  1. Make sure that the installation package is available.
  2. Double-click the Setup.exe file in the application directory (located in the _CDContent/DCAssistant folder.)
  3. Accept the license agreement when prompted, and click Next.
  4. Provide your User Name and that of your Organization. Click Next.
  5. Select Complete or Custom setup type and click Next.
  6. Accept or define the destination path and a program folder for the program binaries and icons.

    This step is omitted if you install the tool as part of the OmniPage CaptureSDK 20 package.

  7. When file copying is complete, click Finish.
    Note Document Classifier Assistant can also be set up along with CSDK v20. In this case run CSDK v20 Setup.exe, select Customize installation on the welcome screen and mark the Document Classifier Tool component checkbox, and click Start installation.
  8. Activate the license. For details, see Activate license.