Converter / Converters

Object tree ConverterProperty branch

The Converter object provides properties and methods to customize the layout of the output files created by the ConvertResult method of the Document and Page objects. The converter settings are organized into a tree-structure, and they are available through the ConverterProperty object, which represent a setting node in the tree.

There are the following converter types:

  • Text converters create a formatted or unformatted text file from the recognition results.

  • Image converters create image files from the input images, so they do not require the input pages to be recognized.

  • Multiple converters are a combination of text and image converters and they create multiple output files when exporting.

  • Form converters are used in form data extraction.

There are multiple possibilities to set converter parameters. Use ConverterProperty to customize them. To query them, use the Item method of the Converters collection. Converter names and parameter setting possibilities are detailed in the RecAPI documentation under List of all Converter settings of RecAPI.

The Converters collection is a sorted set of output Converter objects. Using its properties, the Converters collection enables retrieving information about the supported converters.

A converter can be cloned using the CloneConverter method. It makes an exact copy of the source converter and is useful to make customized converters for the same output format. The cloned converters can later be deleted using the RemoveClonedConverter method if no longer needed. Factory converters cannot be deleted.