Process filled forms

Recognize the contents of filled forms based on pre-constructed form templates and send the respondent data contents to digital format that can be easily processed. A form template is a set of form-field zones and anchor definitions. Form-field zones are normal input zones with some additional information attached. They identify the areas where fill-in data is required on a specific form, for example fill-texts, combs, and checkboxes. Form-field zones may contain data rules that specify the syntax of the form-fields. CSDK checks whether the extracted form data matches the data rule and returns information about it. Anchor definitions are specified as ignore zones during template definition. They provide additional information to assist the matching of the template to incoming forms.

Form Templates are organized into template libraries. Use the Form Template Editor tool to create and prepare form templates, organize them into template libraries and test how they match to the test forms. See the About the Form Template Editor section of the Form Template Editor Help for details. To process filled forms, create and test form templates with the Form Template Editor, and export the form template library.

To process filled forms, perform the following steps in your application:

  1. Load the exported template library.
  2. Load the image of the form to be processed.
  3. Pre-process the image.
  4. Call kRecFindFormTemplate to find the matching template.
  5. Call kRecApplyFormTemplateEx to apply the template onto the image.
  6. Recognize the image.