Random test set type Workflow

  1. Select File > New, or click the Create new project button; then select Partial project and specify other project details, then click OK to create a new project.
  2. Select File > Save to save your project.
  3. In Project Explorer, navigate to Training set and click the Add class(es) by folder(s) button above the Main panel and select a folder to create a new class.

    Add an additional class with a different name and content, otherwise the training procedure will fail.

  4. With the <classname> selected in Project Explorer, right-click anywhere in the document list in Main panel and choose Random select; adjust the -/+ slider to determine how much of your training files you want to move over to the Test set.
  5. After the desired amount is set, select Move to my test set from the same right-click menu.
  6. Click Train.
  7. Click Test all test documents.
  8. Check the final results in the Confusion matrix and the Total statistics table, in the Main panel of Test results section.