Parameters of Done event

Table 1. Parameters of Done event
Parameter Description
StartError (int)

0: the processing of the job started successfully

Any other value: error, for example

  • OCRService cannot start the OCRServer.

  • OCRServer cannot initialize the CSDK.

  • The WorkflowXML is corrupted or the job items cannot be identified.


0: all job items started successfully

Any other value: error in a job item

The index of the job item in the StartErrors is the same as the position of the job item in the WorkflowXML.

Typical examples:

  • A job item cannot process the related XML snippet.

  • An exception occurred in the Run method of the job item.

RuntimeErrors Non-fatal errors during runtime.
RuntimeErrorDescriptions Verbose description of the error reported in RuntimeErrors parameter, tipically including the phase, the file, the location within the file, and the error description.

Each built-in job item can generate a ResponseXML, if requested in the workflow. Generating ResponseXML file is mandatory for some job items for proper functioning.

The ResponseXML file contains the original request, the result, and the occuring runtime errors with description.

Start errors can be included. It indicates the source code and the number of source where the error happened. In case of start errors, contact the technical support.