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The Page object represents a document page. In addition to a set of processing operations, you can use the Page object to access zone, character, statistical and image objects. The UserZones collection maintains the zone set available for modification and it provides the input zone set for the recognition. The OCRZones collection is created by decomposition and recognition processes, the OCR recognized character results are assigned to the OCR-zones.

After processing methods, such as LocateZones and Recognize are run, the UserZone collection is synchronized with the OCRZones collection. The OCRZone objects are read-only.

The Image object provides access to a set of image versions maintained by the engine, such as the original, the b/w and the thumbnail images.

The Characters collection provides access to the whole recognized and optionally filtered character set.

The Statistics object provides details about the recognition processes.

The Pages collection is a sorted set of Page objects, where each element represents a page in the document. Through its properties and methods, the Pages collection enables you to gather information about the document pages.