Scanning module

The scanning subsystem supports a wide selection of scanner models through TWAIN or WIA. For conditions of implementing ISIS support please contact the Kofax sales staff. The following conditions must be fulfilled to use the scanning subsystem:

  • The scanning subsystem must be initialized for actual scanning. Any other scanning function can only be called after the successful initialization of the scanning subsystem.

  • The scanner type must be set through the Scanner Setup Wizard. It can be accessed through the API.

  • The Scanner Setup Wizard supports a majority of the popular scanner models. You can update your scanning system through the Wizard by downloading a hint file from the internet.

  • The scanning subsystem requires an additional initialization besides the Engine initialization, done with kRecScanInit.

  • Both the Scanner Setup Wizard and the entire scanning subsystem can be distributed along with your integrating application.

  • When the scanning subsystem is initialized, images coming from the scanner device are forwarded to the Image Handling Module.

Note During scanning, the integrating application has to disable all functionalities that can interfere with the scanning. For example, the application should not allow the user to terminate it by any means.

The whole scanning module is thread safe. It is possible to initiate two scanning processes in parallel, using two scanners. Calls from two different threads to a single scanner are queued.