.NET objects overview

The new object-oriented API is introduced instead of the old PInvoke-based API. This change makes programming more effective.

The PInvoke-based API is a simple wrapper around CSDK C/C++ API. It operates on the huge static class, called RecAPI. The names of the functions are the same as in the original REC API. PInvoke-based API is not designed as an object-oriented API.

The new API has the following benefits:

  • Object-oriented approach

  • Classes represent objects of OmniPage SDK processing (Engine, Document, Page, Zone, Image, FormTemplate, and so on)

  • Fully compatible with Visual Studio IntelliSense, no need to remember parameters

  • Easy to use

The new API error handling is based on exceptions. The expected result is returned in case of success, exception is raised in case of problem.