RecognitionLanguage / RecognitionLanguages

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The RecognitionLanguage object contains information about the particular recognition language.

The RecognitionLanguages collection returns the collection of available recognition languages that can be switched on and off independently. The set of recognizable characters can be expanded by using the LanguagePlus property, and can be restricted by using the Filter property. By default, only the English language is used for recognition.

The Recognize method of the Document or Page objects use this setting.

When the Asian OCR add-on is purchased, this language collection includes Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

When the Asian Plus OCR add-on is purchased, this language collection includes Thai, Arabic, and Hebrew beside the Asian OCR languages.

The following restrictions apply for the languages of Asian Plus:

  • Each language has to be set alone, or only with English

  • Orientation detection is not supported

  • Arabic recognizes English words only when English language is also set,

  • Arabic does not support deskew detection,

  • Arabic RecAPIPlus output converters are supported from version 20.1.