Welcome to the OmnipageCapture Software Development Kit, released by Kofax. This kit provides you with image management and recognition technologies for building 32-bit Microsoft® Windows®, Linux and Macintosh applications. The Kit can run in 64-bit Windows environments. We are confident it will be a productive tool in your development work. To those of you examining an evaluation copy, we hope your experience will be positive and lead to a purchase.


From CSDK 18, RecIpro access is deprecated, and presented only for downwards compatibility reasons, without full coverage of the new properties, methods, and events. Using IDL access is the recommended and preferred way.

This Help System gives you an overview of the program. The online help systems for RecAPI, IPRO and the Visuals present comprehensive, detailed information on areas of interest. The NCLS Central Licensing tool is replaced by OPLA (OmniPage License Agent). Read the Licensing overview section carefully.

Evaluation Kits are supplied with a time-limited development license. Test distribution licenses are also time-limited.

The distribution licensing method to be used does not need to be decided until the application is ready for release.