Uninstalling the product

Before uninstalling the Omnipage Capture Software Development Kit, it is recommended that you move your seat license to a different computer. For this operation, see details in Licensing section.
Note Be sure to keep your license key and license codes in a safe place; you may need them to re-install the program or to install an upgrade. Some files may not be removed during uninstallation, for example, result files generated by running the sample viewers.

If you intalled first CSDK, and then the add-ons (Form Template Editor, Document Classification Assistant) separately, or CSDK and add-ons were installed together, and you uninstall CSDK, the add-ons stops working.

If the add-ons were installed first without CSDK, uninstalling the CSDK does not affect the operation of add-ons.

  1. Go to the Settings > Apps > Apps & Features and select OmniPage Capture SDK 21.