Move license in OPLicMgr, offline mode

Moving Seat licenses is possible, for example in case of hardware upgrade. Perform the following steps to move Seat license to a computer without internet access:

  1. Prepare all the licenses for moving to with the following command on the source computer:
    OPLicMgr -move OP_Move.lcxp all

    If you want to move some of the licenses only, write their 22 character long license keys in place of all in the previous command.

    OP_Move.lcxp file is created.

  2. Save the file created in the previous step to a removable media and take it to the target computer.
  3. Create an activation package on the target computer with the following command:
    OPLicMgr -nonet -load OP_Move.lcxp

    If the file is copied to a different folder, use the full path of the OP_Move.lcxp file.

    A new file named OP_Activate.lcxp is generated in the Documents folder. This file contains all the information required for moving the licenses and activating them on the target machine.

  4. Save this license package to a portable media and move it to another computer with Internet connection. Activate it as described in Activate license in OPLicMgr, offline mode.
  5. Load the activated license package to the target computer with the following command:

    ACTIVATEDLICENSEPACK is the relative or absolute path of the activated license pack file.