Equitrac is a server-based print management and cost recovery solution which measures, monitors, and manages document output on the network. By regulating devices on the network, and local desktop printers, Equitrac tracks and controls photocopies, print jobs, scan jobs, and faxes with minimal administration. Equitrac allows you to track, analyze and, if necessary, allocate expenses for every document that any user sends to any networked printer, copier or multi-function device.

As part of an integrated ControlSuite component, Equitrac uses print rules for the following document workflows:

  • Send or redirect documents and their associated metadata to AutoStore or Output Manager.
  • Route documents to AutoStore for archiving, and then receive the document back from AutoStore for Follow-You print release.
  • Securely send context sensitive printed documents to Output Manager where it runs a custom script to flag any document containing sensitive information.
  • Accept documents from Output Manager for watermarking, user information stamping, or simple transforms to PDF.
  • Accept and release print jobs sent directly from mobile devices using the Business Connect application.